The importance of the dental environment

The dental environment is special in many ways. The dentist, hygienist and assistant all have their own preferences regarding the design and function of their workplace. Patients, or rather customers, also have wishes and expectations of the environment. Most people probably experience a visit to the dentist as something unpleasant unless the environment feels welcoming and assuring.
Patients who feel assured provide good references and people who work in a good environment do good work. And it's on these obvious grounds that we base our products: a mixture of ergonomic thinking, soft values and investments that provide positive effects for profitability well into the future.

We at Solident have a history we can be proud of. It all began with our – Anatom – range of equipment, which, back in the 60s, led the way and changed patient work. We have refined our ergonomic innovations over the years. A high working height that allows a standing work posture, mobile stands that make the equipment adjustable for wheelchair users, and the ability to perform routine maintenance quickly and easily are just a few examples of the benefits on offer. No two dental environments are exactly alike; needs vary. This is where our ability to meet individual needs comes into its own. // //
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