Quality policy

Solident Sweden AB and its employees shall, in a professional and responsible way, work to ensure that our customers and suppliers feel they can rely on our company. This will make us the natural first choice when a business need arises.

Basic principles for achieving this should be:

- Well-prepared and documented customer requirements

- Observing applicable regulatory requirements

- Actively working to continuously maintain the effect of the quality system

- Only requirements that we are able to meet are to be accepted

- The right quality is to be achieved through doing things right from the start in each stage of production

- Educate, inform and organise, so that every employee knows what is right and has the ability to do the right thing, as well as being motivated to get things right first time – every time

- In our marketing, create a profile for our company that is characterised by quality

- Give priority to preventive measures and work constantly on making improvements

For quality and efficiency to be maintained, equipment and machinery must be kept in good condition. A spirit of good order must prevail within the company. All this means that our company can continue its activities, competing with the outside world.

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